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Find out what is coming up in the world of Artisan Food products and producers in Cork.

25th Jun - 1st Jul:
Irish Gin and Tonic Fest
24th Jun - 24th Jun:
Shandon Street Festival
26th Jun - 29th Jun:
The 33rd International Specialised Symposium on Yeast
26th Jun - 2nd Jul:
Cork Dessert Festival
30th Jun - 30th Jun:
Business Networking Event - Public Speaking and Presenting with Award-winning speaker, Anthony Garvey
30th Jun - 2nd Jul:
Ballymaloe Malt & Music Weekend
28th Jun - 28th Jun:
Discovering Tapas
24th Jun - 25th Jun:
Féasta - Festival Markets
13th Jul - 13th Jul:
Summer Workshop: "How to Write a Successful Press Release for your Business"
10th Jul - 10th Jul:
Garden Workshop: Designing a Herbaceous Border with Susan Turner Part
24th Jul - 28th Jul:
Transition Year Cookery Course
29th Jul - 29th Jul:
Summer Foraging with Darina Allen
27th Jul - 28th Jul:
Amplify - Ireland’s newest and largest Digital Marketing Conference
13th Aug - 18th Aug:
International Congress of Meat Science and Technology
17th Aug - 17th Aug:
Summer Workshop: "How to Write a Successful Press Release for Your Business"
24th Aug - 26th Aug:
NeuroGASTRO 2017
3rd Sep - 10th Sep:
Midleton Food and Drink Festival
8th Sep - 17th Sep:
A Taste of West Cork Festival
22nd Sep - 24th Sep:
Cork Oyster Festival
14th Oct - 14th Oct:
Kinsale Gourmet Festival
16th Oct - 22nd Oct:
Taste Cork Week
4th Nov - 4th Nov:
Cork & Kerry Food Forum
25th Nov - 26th Nov:
Cork Chocolate Festival 2017
29th Nov - 29th Nov:
Sushi Made Simple

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Why buy local?

The reasons to buy local Cork produce are numerous.

Co. Cork is renowned for its diverse, innovative food community who produce delicious, fresh food right on our doorstep. It seems to make sense that we support this incredibly important local industry while benefiting from the exquisite taste and quality which they provide us with.

Buying locally produced food is kinder on the environment, supports local jobs, contributes to the local economy and community and ensures the future sustainability of one our county's most significant industries.

As if this wasn't enough, locally grown food tastes better! It was probably picked within the last day or two and hasn't spent weeks travelling through warehouses and airports.

The fresher the food, the more nutritious!

Browse our ever-expanding list of retailers who have become active members of the Taste Cork network. Our listed retailers stock one or more Taste Cork products. Please bear in mind that some artisan products are subject to seasonal availability.

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  • Green Kiwi

    The Green Kiwi Coffee & Food Store is a little haven for lovers of good coffee & local breads, home baking, jams, chutneys, chilli sauces... all made with love by people in Cork!

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