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  • Ditch the Sugary Breakfast for Eggsellent Breakfasts Instead

    16th May, 2017

    Flavour.ie is teaming up with West Cork Eggs, Alison Kingston Health Coach and Taste Cork to deliver a new initiative to get people ditching the sugary breakfast cereals in favour of Eggsellent Breakfasts in a bid to tackle child obesity.
    We have been inspired by Food Revolution in the UK to address the growing problem of Child Obesity in young people. 

    Setting your day up with a proper breakfast that is balanced, healthy but still delicious is one eggsellent way to start tackling obesity.  How? Children whose breakfast is mainly sugary cereals, or sweet spreads such as jam or milk chocolate spreads, aren’t getting enough good stuff to wake up their bodies and their brains and to keep going all the way until lunchtime without reaching for snacks to keep energy levels up. 

    By making one simple change to how we treat the most important meal of the day, such as choosing eggs for breakfast, we can make a huge difference! Eggs provide huge amounts of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients such as protein which can help keep you feeling fuller for longer as well as keeping our brains and bodies alert - important for children who are expected to keep up with the demands of study and sport as part of a normal school day. 

    The #EggsellentBreakfasts Initiative, in conjunction with Taste Cork, aims to get the message of the importance of a healthy, balanced breakfast that is free from sugar to as many children and parents as possible. We have decided to focus on Eggs as our ideal breakfast because they are awesome little bundles of goodness; are quick to cook, versatile and an inexpensive and accessible food. 

    Flavour.ie has partnered with West Cork Eggs and Alison Kingston Health Coach to launch this initiative, and we start by working with Glandore National School in West Cork to be the first school to benefit from this wonderful food initiative, and to deliver our simple but key message about why a balanced and nutritious breakfast is such an important way to start the day.

    Eggsellent Breakfasts is based around a series of short presentations about the nutritional value of eggs followed by a brief cookery demonstration of one of five egg-based breakfast recipes included in our free booklet for the children to taste (also available as a downloadable eBook from the website).  Children will receive a free box of free range eggs from Caroline’s farm in Rosscarbery, West Cork and a copy of our Eggsellent Breakfasts recipe booklet to take home.

    Kate Ryan of Flavour.ie said “We can reach out to 40 children at a time from 5th and 6th Class with a couple of fun and interactive talks, a cookery demo and tasting of one of our tasty and delicious breakfast recipes using Caroline’s wonderful free range eggs.  We may even bring a chicken or two from Caroline’s farm for the children to really get a sense of where food comes from! Parents are welcome to come along to our presentation – in fact we encourage it!”

    Alison Kingston who is a Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychologist will talk about the need for a healthy breakfast, what that means in real life and why a breakfast of sugary breakfast cereal is not a good way to start the day.

    Caroline Murphy of West Cork Eggs will talk about how eggs can be an easy, nutritious breakfast and include a farm talk, where eggs come from and why free range is best.
    Kate Ryan will give a brief cookery demonstration “Cooking Eggs is Easy!” showcasing one of our five specially designed breakfast recipes and an opportunity for children to taste an alternative, delicious breakfast with eggs!

    With the support of Taste Cork, the aim is grown the initiative over the next two years to reach out to schools across the Country to help spread the message about child obesity and to offer up an easy and affordable way to tackle it for good.

    If you are interested in us bringing Eggsellent Breakfasts to your school, youth group or community group, we'd love to hear from you.

    Get involved! Take photos of your eggs for breakfast and tag it #EggsellentBreakfasts 

    Email kate@flavour.ie for more information.

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