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  • Cork Food Producers Seize EU Food Export Opportunity

    8th March, 2017

    Cork’s highly successful regional food marketing initiative, Taste Cork has launched a new export programme, designed to support local food and drink producers, taking their first steps into the UK, France and Scandinavia export markets.

    The recently launched programme will help businesses identify potential European market opportunities for their products and support them in the development of strategies, to negotiate successful distribution agreements and get their product onto European shelves.

    Participants will have an opportunity to explore openings in the UK market and to develop approaches to mitigate the impact of Brexit, through building and enhancing relationships with distributors and developing highly identifiable brands that resonate with consumers.

    As part of the programme, a group of eleven food companies will attend the IFE International Food and Drink Event in London in March 2017. IFE is one of Europe’s largest food and drink trade shows where companies will have the opportunity to meet face to face with over 30,000 retailers, distributors, journalists and industry experts.

    The Mayor of County of Cork, Cllr. Seamus McGrath says "While Brexit poses new challenges in the years ahead, Cork food brands are extremely well positioned to take advantage of plentiful opportunities in European market, while maintaining their established position in the UK.
    Initiatives like Taste Cork help to keep us on the map and to build and maintain relationships with retailers, distributors and ultimately, with customers who look for Cork products on the shelves.
    Cork has a long and proud history in the food and drink sector and is home to some of Ireland’s most iconic brands. It has grown a well-deserved reputation as the epicentre of the food sector. The Cork region now boasts a thriving food culture and more than 500 innovative food and drink businesses call Cork home."

    The Taste Cork export programme focuses on opportunities in France and Scandinavia - two European regions that can provide Cork companies with wide range of opportunities to enter the European market and are amongst the most sophisticated food retail environments in the world.


    France is our nearest continental neighbour, with a population of more than 63 million people, it is now the fifth largest economy in the world and second largest in the European Union. Not only is it close by, but we also share the same currency, removing foreign exchange risks and simplifying trade.

    The French retail market is also one of the most sophisticated in the world and the country is home some of the largest global retailers, including Carrefour and Auchan, making it an ideal environment to grow a brand.


    Scandinavia and broader the Nordic market is a well-established destination for Irish food and drink exports - our 6th largest market. The region is one of the most developed parts of the world, with a standard of living and quality of life that regularly tops international league tables. This highly integrated region, has a combined population of approximately 25 million and GDP of over €1.3 trillion, which would rank it as the world’s 12th largest economy.

    The region is home to some of the world’s most sophisticated retailers and most discerning consumers, with a wide range of opportunities for Irish food producers.

    The Lord Mayor, Cllr. Des Cahill says "Both France and Scandinavia are highly accessible from Ireland and can provide food and drink businesses with an outstanding opportunity to take their first steps into export market.
    The Taste Cork Export Programme aims to support local food businesses, giving them access to the knowledge and expertise that can help them to prepare for the opportunities that are quite literally on our door step. As a person involved in this industry and from a 5th family generation business I fully support this initiative.
    Expanding our horizons and reaching out to new export markets helps to grow Cork’s brand internationally, putting us on the map as a centre for food and drink excellence. It also opens new opportunities that ensure Cork food businesses have a strong and sustainable future.

    Food Companies exhibiting at IFE 2017

    9 White Deer


    Blacks of Kinsale


    De Roiste Foods


    Durrus Cheese




    Hassetts Bakery


    Katie's Chocolate


    Life Kitchen


    Longueville House Beverages


    Mella's Fudge


    Regale Biscuit Company


    About Taste Cork
    Taste Cork is a regional marketing and training initiative, supported by local consumers, trade buyers and food producers with the backing of the Local Enterprise Offices in Cork (LEO), Cork County Council, Cork City Council and other state agencies.
    Harnessing the power of the community, Taste Cork aims to ensure that Cork’s food and drink sector continues to thrive and that its unique food heritage gets the attention and recognition it deserves.

    For more information about IFE 2017, please visit http://www.ife.co.uk

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