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If you are trying to source the best local produce available in County Cork, here is a directory to some of Cork's fine local food producers. Select from the categories shown opposite to see details of matching producers.

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  • Blacks Brewery

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    Blacks Brewery

    Blacks Brewery is a micro brewery and distillery producing a range of craft beers with passion personality and lots of hops. At Blacks we also produce Blacks Gin which is a modern Irish small batch distilled gin.

    Blacks Brewery was founded in 2013 by husband and wife team Sam & Maudeline Black. We produced a range of different styles of beers and a variety of seasonals beers throughout the year, where possible we only use locally sourced ingredients in our products.

    Our beers include:

    - KPA(Kinsale Pale Ale) 500 mls 5% abv

    - BIPA(Black IPA) 500mls 5%abv

    - 1601( Lager) 4.2% abv, available in 330mls and 500mls

    Our Gin, is a small batch distilled Irish gin, distilled at the brewery.

    Contact:Blacks Brewery
    Farm Lane
    Co. Cork
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